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At TopDog we pride ourselves on making your experience as comfortable as possible. Our experts are available to speak with you directly to explain the process and diagnose your issues. We think the best way to understand the TopDog difference is to listen to our customers!

“Kimberlee and I discussed how we felt last year when our hard drive died. We didn't know where to start, who to trust, how much it would be, etc. Thank goodness we were TopDog Data Recovery customers! As ignorant consumers with a dead computer, we wanted to feel reassured that competent technicians in a high-security, trustworthy organization would fix our problem for a demonstrably appropriate price. Yet, we needed to be able to understand what we were being told, or were reading on a web site. Fortunately we were lucky to have TopDog's help and we were so happy to have all of our important data saved! They even helped us beat the deadline for returning our dead hard drive to the manufacturer. Thank you TopDog, you saved us!” -David from Sacramento, California

"TopDog did a fantastic job of extracting documents and files off of my crashed computer. It was done on time and in a very swift manner. I would refer anyone to TopDog , it's very affordable and cheaper then I thought it would be. I was worried that I would never see my important documents and that I would have to start all over on projects and papers. TopDog does an A+ job of recovering documents and could recover any document that is needed off of a crashed computer." - Janson from Florence, Kentucky

The TopDog technician quickly identified the issue with the disk drive and provided several solutions for consideration.  Although the drive failed they were able to recover the files from the recovery partition and, most importantly, the personal files from the C: drive.  The tech took the time to explain the issue and the solution as well providing helpful tips on what I should do to protect my data from future hardware failures.  My standards for service are very high and, as a technician, I highly recommend TopDog’s specialized services.
- Chris from West Chester, Ohio


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